The Wonder of it All

When I realize that every modern convenience from aspirins to airplanes began with a thought, I am in awe of my own power to create the world I experience.

~Exhilarated Life

When I really take in the truth of this, I am made small and gigantic at the same time.

It’s a paradox. Nothing in this world exists but for a thought made material. Indeed, if you really drill this down to the bare truth, you and I and every living creature are ideas or ‘thoughts’ of creation made physical. We could not exist any other way. We are not random happenings. There is no such thing. Indeed we live by this immutable law whether we know it or not. Our thoughts and emotions direct our actions which can do no other than to manifest in the circumstances and experiences of our life. If we think we are cold and go to close the window, the window will be closed. What we think and what we do are powerful energies to trust to chance and whimsy. Be mindful. Be careful. Be creative. Be loving.