When Down is Part of Up

blue sky beach birds

Whenever I feel lonely or down, I take some time to drop deeper into the quiet space within. Here I find the soft voice of all that I might be whispering encouragement.

Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness

A long and fulfilled life is not one gentle glide to Nirvana. Life can get jagged at times and it can feel infinitely lonely. Trust that these are times of growth, assessment and renewing our commitment to our greatest potential. Rather than push circumstances away or wish they were other than what they are, find the time to be still and allow the part of you that is clear, tranquil, undisturbed and connected to all Creation whisper sweet everythings. As sure as there is an oak within the acorn, your greatest expression is intact waiting to be fulfilled. Knowing this you will accept that ‘down’ is part of ‘up’ and that you are never alone.

with love -me agapi,