High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Through Artemis Alliance Inc., I have funded research which led to the invention of the Aristoleo Test Kit (Lab in a Vial) a handheld device that could analyze olive oils outside the laboratory.

This was important for olive growers who needed results right away in order to separate the high and low phenolic olive oils. This became important because the EU 432/2012 Health Claim Labeling regulation for Polyphenols in Olive Oil was approved.

The emphasis shifted from the acidity levels to the polyphenol concentrations in olive oil. The Aristoleo Test Kit won 1st Prize in 2016 in the Eurobank Innovation of the Year.

Aristoleo was a key partner in the EU funded, 3-year, 5-country ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program to study best practices in the production and marketing of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil. It was voted the best Interreg MED program in 2019

We are growing from this firm foundation to serve North American clients, specialty retailers and online vendors as well as expanding EU and UK distribution through strategic alliances – working with people who share the vision.

Our aim is to bring quality and transparency to the high phenolic olive oil market for those who seek this precious olive oil for their health and wellness. To this end we have introduced Aristoleo-DataLok Certification and Aristoleo Retail Coolers.

If you are in North America you can buy Laconiko High Phenolic EVOOs here. This is where we begin to build on our vision of Aristoleo-DataLok Vertified Brands from around the globe for sale in Aristoleo Retail Coolers and Aristoleo Certified Online Shops in North America, the EU and the UK.

LACONIKO Award winning extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.
Featuring OLIO NUOVO, the first Aristoleo-DataLok Certified High Phenolic EVOO – Gold medal winning olive oil for phenolic profile and for taste.

LACONIKO is the first Aristoleo Certified Distributor for High Phenolic EVOOs.

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WORLD OLIVE CENTER FOR HEALTH – Non Profit for Testing, Education and Research of Olives and Olive Oil. Official lab for NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) analysis of phenolic content of olive oils and table olives supporting Aristole-DataLok Certification.

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