Vitality and vibrant health are ALL about the body-mind-spirit harmonic. Our body is how we experience LIFE itself. We take in information through our five senses and countless senses beyond. Our senses inform our mind and our mind categorizes experience through our acquired filters offering back an interpretation of events and our response. Our responses depend on any number of influences from blood sugar levels to childhood trauma.

This harmonic is a beautifully complex system that, if left to chance, gives us a feedback loop that is chaotic and confusing with a lot of unfiltered nonsense. Our best defence and opportunity for a life of authenticity, which in my opinion equals happiness, is to consciously support the vitality of body, mind and spirit so that it is an internal closed system. You being the greatest expression of YOU.

Here’s my personal VITALITY formula below.

The Body Mind Spirit Harmonic

A healthy body is a clear communicator. Trillions of cells go about their business every waking and sleeping nano second of our lives. It is incumbent upon us to support them in what they do best. The caveat is KISS – “Keep is Sublimely Simple”. Eat well, get adequate rest and move your precious body to stay strong and limber.

You have a brain and you have a mind. The brain runs a program just like a hard drive on a computer. It is a databank and stores things quickly based on past information. Survival – fear here, judgment there. Happiness? Too fleeting – rarely gets documented beyond the moment. Ever notice that?

The mind is like the software. It interprets and extrapolates information and mixes feelings with emotions and then blends in the cacophony of the outer world – news, media, culture, family, and churns it into a response. A thought, a belief, an action all based like a Google algorithm on your past choices. It’s like driving a car from the rearview mirror.

The great fathomless, limitless frontier of consciousness that connects with the source of all consciousness, all LIFE. Seamless, infinite and ineffable. The best way to develop our spiritual connection is to just listen. Listen until you get past the chaos, the chatter, beyond the random thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams … to the quiet.

We close the loop with body as we go within. Within our bodies to the place of peace. It’s there. It just needs a little coaxing to bring it forth. Most of us have hushed its little voice so many times, we have made it shy. Be gentle with your SELF. Your inner Wise One knows all you desire and is connected with all that will fulfill it. This is your soul purpose. To LIVE your LIFE. That’s it.

My Personal VITALITY Formula:

It’s pretty simple and is based on Hippocrates’ edict: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” I trust my body to be as good at LIFE as the trees that bear fruit, the flowers that bloom, the vegetables that nourish us – the abundance of all we could possible need.

To serve this, I follow a predominately plant based diet with plenty of high phenolic extra virgin olive oil. Scientifically verified brands like Aristoleo-DataLok Certified Laconiko ZOI, OLIO NUOVO and ESTATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Vessel Essential Oils:
To engender a quiet mind, alleviate stress, achieve a deeper sleep or for more potent antiviral or antibacterial action, I look to essential oils and have found a Greek producer and supplier for the highest quality essences – all beautifully packaged. I love the products so much I became an affiliate!

My Favourites?

Oregano – Doctor in the House!
Lavender – Rest, Relax, Restore!
Mandarin Orange – Happiness in a Drop!

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