Unlock the Mystique of Awesome It’s Simpler than You Believe

tiny flower held gently in fingers showing its size

And closer than you think to change your mindset

This morning as I was writing in my journal, I was thinking about a podcast I heard this week on Diary of a CEO. Professor Steve Peters, English psychiatrist and author, was the guest. He talks about how you can change your mindset. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying to do this for decades and have succeeded to a degree, but as I look into another decade, I think maybe I have some more clearing to do.

He’s authored a book called The Chimp Paradox and in it describes the three thinking brains we have. The Chimp – the limbic, emotional, impulsive, childlike; the Human – frontal cortex, contemplative and conscious; the Computer – parietal lobe, data management.

In short, the Chimp, if unmanaged by the Human, can wreak havoc on our life’s experience. When understood, the little dickens can be our best friend according to Dr. Peters. Just knowing this can change your mindset in a hurry. I suggest you listen to the interview – it is lengthy but very illuminating.

All you desire to be is within you now.

However, I am describing this to share one of the takeaways. A simple exercise to change your mindset and really shift your perspective. It underlines the premise that all you desire to be is within you now – waiting to be revealed.

When host, Stephen Bartlett asks how you can achieve this shift of perspective and effectively change your mindset, Dr. Peters’ strategy for leaders, athletes, celebs, and regular peeps is to take a blank sheet of paper and write down the kind of person you would like to be. That’s it. Make a big list. All your values and character traits.

When you’re done, he says, you are looking at YOU. The Human. Yourself as you are now. You are that. All of it. Now. The rub is that the Chimp is sabotaging the full expression of this wonderful being. I like that. So I tried it.

Back to the beginning – writing in my journal, I listed the qualities that I want to embody, the behaviours that make me happy, bring me joy, notwithstanding the challenges I face along with everyone else. I want to live in the moments. No longer be distracted by tasks. Of course, do the tasks, but grasp the vast context of each moment and what this amazing world rolls out at our feet if we only have eyes to see.

Back to awesome…

So back to awesome. I use the word all the time. I say brilliant too, a lot. Superlatives – shortcuts to grading an experience. Then they all end up in a superlative heap. And what definition have you?

On my list was this: I allow myself to feel awe. By that I meant in the small things. The definition is “reverence and wonder.” Just saying those words makes me pause. You can’t toss off wonder. Or rush through reverence. You have to be still – for even a second more – before you walk on.

Yesterday I walked to the sea. It was awesome (well, it was). Of course I did a video for Insta. The sea was doing its teal and cerulean choreography. Surging and splashing on a windy day – white caps rushing over rocks at my feet before inhaling to retreat readying for the next lunge at the rocky shore.

On the way home, I took this picture. I had to stop and go back and bend over to look at this tiny flower bright and tall in its diminution. Proud and sweet. Delicate, pure white petals and yolk yellow centre tipping the top of a slender emerald stem. Claiming its place on earth and rightful share of sunshine. I stood in awe. Captured it with a click to remind me that the simplest, smallest experiences are treasures that fill the coffers of my heart to overflowing and give richness and sometimes direction to life.

Everything has its place in the Universe. That little blossom gives me courage to be me. Out loud. As I am.

If you pause to wonder at this privilege of life and your absolute rightful place in it you’ll discover your own awesomeness. Just don’t let the Chimp have the car keys.

Me agapi – with love

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