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The Man in the Yellow Field

A Poem About Dancing with Death

Athan Gadanidis

Crouching in the field of brilliant yellow calendula
He faces away from the sun
That glances across his handsome face
He was my lover once

We have just walked on the mountain, through the forest
I gathered tiny wildflowers
To bring home to press in my journal
He posed for pictures

We stood side by side and looked out to the sea below
Amazed at the beauty
Of this island of seasons and change
Spring is here now

Tonight he dances with Life while Death watches
Leans against the door
Not listening to music, but watching

Death is fascinated by his will to LIVE
No fear – just joy – playfulness
He sighs

Death pretends not to be looking
But He is
The dancer holds his eye unflinching
Death looks away first

Jumping and twirling to the music
He pirouettes with grace
Death looks at his manicure, sighs
Bored with this

Someone walking in the street behind
Catches Death’s eye.
He watches her walk and senses her time
And then turns to follow

The doorway is empty, open and inviting
People follow the music
The dancer sweeps low, then jumps high
Greeting lovers of life

The man from the yellow field
Laughs out loud
“Not today!” he shouts,
“Today I dance!”

This poem is from my coming collection
Sea Glass – Poems from Aegina Island

“The Man in the Yellow Field” is in homage to Athan Gadanidis, the man I love who is a champion by any description.
Watch him dance!