MH Bio

[Marilyn] is completely clued-in to technology trends and social media that help to develop the business goals of her clients, and has a passion for motivating others to achieve successes.

~ T. Rogers, Corporate Communications Expert

Today, Marilyn Harding is a writer and entrepreneur, focussing on holistic lifestyle and specializing in high phenolic extra virgin olive oil and ancillary products. Founder of Artemis Alliance Inc. (2005), owner of  Aristoleo and Aristoleo North America (trademarks), she and her husband Athan Gadanidis are dedicated to the research, testing and certification of polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil and phenolic compounds as a cornerstone to exceptional health and wellness.*

Marilyn is author of the book, “Exhilarated Life, Discovering Inner Happiness” and “Yesterday at Justin’s”, a parents’ guide to divorce. She has contributed to Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and is editor of the ezine Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin on the Medium platform. 

Marilyn is a seasoned marketing executive and strategic planning facilitator and has worked with companies to provide investor memoranda, business plans and prize winning marketing materials as well as crafting continuing education modules for both the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Interior Design Association. Marilyn has also worked with artists to progress in their careers.

“You brought a major reassessment to my creative life in terms of where I fit in, what qualities my work had and how marketable it and I am. You were sure happy when my solo show came off triumphantly due to your considerable efforts and your attention to the many details and at the same time the big picture.”

~ T. Batten, Visual Artist

Marilyn has been a welcome contributor at the boardroom table of multinational corporations to facilitate corporate mergers and acquisitions. As chair of a regional public library,

Marilyn is known for “a presence about her that encourages, if not commands, everyone to stop, listen, and consider all the positions of others.”

~ M. McCabe, Library CEO

Following the death of her husband in 2007, Marilyn redirected her corporate career into health oriented pursuits and created LightBeam. Under the umbrella of her corporation Artemis Alliance Inc. (small business consultant), Marilyn designed a state of the art online platform, LightBeam, to support alternative therapists and introduce natural therapies into the mainstream market as integrative with allopathic medicine.

At this time, she became a Reiki Master and has applied her extensive corporate skills with her determination to lead a spiritually directed holistic life. In regard to Artemis Alliance Inc. and LightBeam:

“Marilyn is a visionary, a big-picture thinker, who has extraordinarily high standards and is one of the most supportive, mentoring business women I have met.”

~ Tina Rogers, Corporate Communications

Marilyn published her memoire “Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness” which chronicles the years following her husband’s death to arriving on a Greek island to start a new life.

“An enlightening book covering complex spiritual concepts with everyday life examples that I believe will resonate with many people.”

~ H. Bowring, Spiritual Instructor and Author

In 2013 Marilyn and her partner (now husband) Athan relocated to Greece for a period to promote the emerging category of high phenolic olive oil identified by the EU Health Claim regulation 432-2012. Artemis Alliance Inc. invested in the technical research of Drs. Magiatis and Melliou at the University of Athens for the Aristoleo Test Kit “lab-in-a-vial” to measure phenolic content in olive oil at the mill in order to sort premium oil with a health claim.

The Aristoleo Test Kit won First Prize in Eurobank’s Greece Innovates, 2015. That same year Aristoleo* was incorporated with Athan Gadanidis, director to promote high phenolic EVOO and the following year was a key partner in the 3-year, 5-country EU funded ARISTOIL program to study high phenolic EVOO, best practices.

In 2018 Aristoleo North America became a registered division under Artemis Alliance Inc. for the promotion of high phenolic olive oil and products to serve the North American market.

Marilyn continues to write on behalf of Aristoleo in support of the category of high phenolic olive oil, generally, and individual producers, specifically, through interviews, newsletters, Medium ezine, and social media.

Marilyn’s style of writing and communication has been called neurolinguistic-intuitive – meaning the ability to make complex ideas easy to understand. Marilyn is expanding her professional presence through offering clients personal counselling.

She continues to write for corporate clients and her own blogs on health and philosophical subjects. And pursues her love of fiction writing and poetry. Marilyn offers voiceover to corporate and commercial productions.

*Aristoleo has been central to the growth and awareness for the emerging category of High Phenolic Olive Oil since 2015, an extension of Athan’s writing on Olive Oil Times and publications from 2012. Aristoleo Awards was introduced in 2016 and the is only olive oil competition exclusive to High Phenolic Olive Oil and Table Olives.

Aristoleo was mandated by the EU ARISTOIL programme to create the marketing portal for high phenolic EVOO, which Aristoleo presented to Circle the MED project in 2019 (deferred due to COVID). In fulfillment of this, the company has initiated the Aristoleo-DataLok Certification Protocol (beta) to ensure the quality of phenolic content is maintained through temperature controlled facilities all along the production chain. Aristoleo has also introduced the Aristoleo Retail Cooler to preserve the phenolic content of certified olive oils.