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I am in Love with Life – all of it!

I can say I’m in love with Life out loud – not as a manic exclamation – but as a proclamation that, because I have taken the challenge to live deeply and explore the shadows (not always on purpose) and be awed by the rainbows, I can hold the duality of Life until it resolves itself in gratitude.

This site is the hub of one examined Life as I have applied my seeking to a world within, Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness, and aspects of the world without, and how that expresses in my vocation, my Voice Over, Podcast and Writing, Artemis Alliance, Inc. and Aristoleo North America eCommerce shop. Each site is a distinct discussion of how we bring integrity, innovation and purpose to our passions.

We are more often pushed off a cliff by Life rather than leap willingly and I am no exception.  It is only in mid-air with the cliff face whizzing by – like Wile E Coyote holding an anvil – that we choose to drop it and spread our wings.  I have been broken open by grief until I found I was never alone.  I have felt the lance of betrayal until I discovered I was holding the sword.  I have helplessly witnessed a body dying to know that Life is sacred and eternal.  I have known the desolation of depression until the day when every tiny bloom held rapture. I have been clutched by fear until  the illusion was dissolved.  I have failed repeatedly to meet my own standards only to find that my spirit has been enriched. I have been tangled in the complexities of the world until I rested in the underlying simplicity of spirit which is pure LOVE.

And in the midst of this duality, walking serenely down the centre, is a soul unfolding.

What does all the ‘this’ and then ‘that’ mean?  I have not suffered more or less than anyone else.  It just means that Life will always and inevitably swing from the light to the dark, the perplexing to the clear.  And in the midst of this duality, walking serenely down the centre, is a soul unfolding.  I am that.  And you are that. The ancient Hellenes in their tragedies and comedies illustrated this worldly resolution.  For that brief golden arc, the whole culture lived centered in the dichotomy.  Through that inner harmony of mind, body and spirit a people rose to stellar heights, the like of which has never been reached again. It is no coincidence that my love for a Greek man has taken me to this land, nor does it surprise me that many years ago, I named my company Artemis. –

Greece, or more appropriately, Hellas (ancient) or Hellada (modern), is known for its brilliant light.  I find myself here – looking forward – as I synthesize my experiences and offer my own humble perspective on how we can embrace the opposites, live in the moment and bring this ancient wisdom to prevail for a life of true abundance.

Me agapi, (with love)


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In the book “Exhilarated Life – Discovering Inner Happiness” I share this story. Check it out!