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Media Whips You Up – What Calms You Down?

Man meditating in city at lunchtime

Media and other negative voices cause stress, which weakens me. I choose strength by listening to my inner voice offering ways to nourish my body and calm my mind.

Exhilarated Life:Discovering Inner Happiness

Sensation sells news and fear sells products. Ratings rule and you are only as good as the number of likes your post gets.The first sentence is true because we have been trained that way to respond to stimulus. The second I’m certain you don’t really believe, but we are beginning to act like it’s true en masse. The problem is, external stimuli of this nature trigger fear and fear not only weakens but distracts us from what is really important. When I say what is really important, I don’t mean another ‘alternative’ external truth, but the truth of who you are and what you are about in this world. You won’t get this information from the internet or the media or any other person, as well meaning as they may be. Your internal compass is set to self-fulfilment – whatever that looks like. Go within and send down deep roots into the soil of creation that sustains life. And then rise up and take your place in the world, strengthened against a world, that has lost its compass.

With love – me agapi,