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Loving Yourself As You Are

I nourish my body with wholesome foods, my mind with gratitude and forgiveness, and my spirit with loving relationships. All this I do by loving myself as I am.

Exhilarated Life: Discovering Inner Happiness

Too often we can’t find the courage or discipline to make the simple consistent choices that will change our lives. We are stuck in regret, 20 pounds, a broken trust, wishing things were different. We feel enclosed by mountains. We may even feel we are beyond change, beyond fixing. It’s too late. But these are sentiments of judgment and the harshest is most often against ourselves. Resist the notion that you must work from the outside in. All change begins within. Love for yourself as you are; fluffy, broken or disillusioned. Know that you are a spark of creation and fan that spark with gratitude. Go deep below all the noise of negative stories. Banish those stories through forgiveness. Nourish your body along with your soul and watch how love for yourself blossoms in loving relationships with others. Every day, let your mantra be “Today I am loving myself as I am.”

With love – me agapi,