Artemis Alliance Inc.

Holistic collaboration in Natural health

Strategic Alliances in Holistic Research, Innovation & Lifestyle

Ancient Wisdom ~ Modern Science
Traditional Values ~ Innovative Approach
Natural Health ~ Vibrant Longevity
Ethical Collaboration ~ Sustainable Practices

Artemis Alliance Inc. was incorporated in Canada, 2005, to foster strategic alliances in holistic lifestyle research and resources.

Aristoleo┬« meaning “excellent oil” is the recognized trademark of Artemis Alliance Inc. Beginning in 2012, the company continues to support the research and innovation of Aristoleo into testing, systems, sales and marketing of high phenolic extra virgin olive oils, recognized for their health protective potential.

Artemis Alliance Inc. hosts the Annual International Aristoleo Awards, the only olive oil competition exclusive to High Phenolic Olive Oils and Table Olives.

Artemis Alliance Inc. is initiating the Aristoleo-DataLok Certification and Aristoleo Retail Cooler to verify and maintain the polyphenol content in olive oil. Our objective is to protect the efforts of diligent producers and assure the public of the exceptional health protective olive oil they can count on.

This innovation is the evolution of the EU funded 3-year, 5-country ARISTOIL Interreg MED Program to study best practices for the cultivation, production, transportation, and storage of this unique category to preserve the integrity of the phenolic health benefits.

We are committed to raising the bar and setting new standards of expectation for health conscious consumers and holistic retailers.

To your health!

Marilyn Harding
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 2023