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I am an entrepreneur and inspirational writer. Passionate about High Phenolic EVOO for health and vitality. A person who enjoys giving heart, soul & voice to this thrilling adventure called LIFE.

How Can I Be of Service to You?

Maturing has its perks – one of them is embracing that I earned my stripes – by stripes I mean wrinkles – well, laugh lines mostly with a few worry furrows that philosophy and meditation, not Botox, will smooth.

For clear and heartfelt expression, I apply what I sense as an intuitive and have learned in Earth School, with a Cum Laude degree in LOVE, to every service and product I share.

Exhilarated Life

In the film As Good as it Gets, Jack Nicholson’s character, Melvin Udall, responds to the comment that everyone has terrible stories to get over.
“Some of us have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes, with boats, and friends, and noodle salad,” he says. “Just no one in this car.”

I certainly didn’t have pretty stories growing up notwithstanding the lake and boats, and if you are holding this book, then I guess neither did you.

And so begins Exhilarated Life, the memoir of my spiritual and philosophical coming of age through applying ancient and new age wisdom to life’s adversities. ~mh


There’s a little something for everyone in “Exhilarated Life”. The product of a five-year journey through grief towards happiness, the book is at once intensely personal yet ultimately accessible. As we witness despair,
bitterness, self-acceptance and forgiveness, juxtaposed with a deep love of travel, adventure and learning, Marilyn’s humility and gentle, self-deprecating humor shine through her stories.

– Bryony Sutherland, Biographer and Editor, Author:
“Being Biracial, Where Our Secret Worlds Collide”

“Exhilarated Life” is the personal diary of the captain of a beautiful,
strong and nimble ship caught in the powerful storms of Life. It takes us on an epic hyperbolic journey—the DNA-like relationship between
our limited human psyche and unlimited Spirit with absolute honesty, weaving back unto itself the reflections and substance of a life courageously lived and deeply self-examined.

— Gita Masique, Spiritual Teacher

Marilyn Harding tells all in this poignant memoir of a time of
significant change and personal growth. The reader shares her failures and triumphs, whether they are financial or emotional, about life or about death. Marilyn’s story is proof that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination!

— Daryl Novak, Author:
“Biscuit, The Love Story of a Rescue Dog”

In an age where the “selfie” has become ubiquitous it is refreshing to come across a self-view that takes into account the emotional landscapes that underpin so many of our life experiences. What comes across are insights and some deeply considered views of how we have got to where we are in this trip through existence. The book is not a life map. It is, however, a guide to making one’s life more conscious and complete.

— Anthony J.Batten, Visual Artist

“Exhilarated Life” is a book of truths and possibilities the What ifs. What if you’re already perfect? What if you already have everything you need?
What if you no longer have to strive and instead you can simply and gently thrive? Marilyn paints possibilities in careful yet revealing words, so that you can’t help but believe that the What ifs are in fact true

— Lisa McKenzie, Business & Marketing Strategist and Author

“Exhilarated Life” is the author’s truth, unabashedly shared with her readers. Without a shred of self-pity, Marilyn Harding delves into her past painful memories, and yet there is always a return to the bright sunlight of her resoluteness to embrace life again, through it all, with trust in the future.

— Pamela Jane Rogers, Author:
“GREEKSCAPES: Journeys with an Artist”

An enlightening book covering complex spiritual concepts with
everyday life examples that I believe will resonate with many people. Marilyn is a great writer—you flow along with her easy humor—she lightens up life’s challenges.

— Hilary Bowring, Author:
“Find Your Soul: In Your Heart”

“Exhilarated Life” is an anthem for visionaries; for those who refuse to be stuck in the circumstances of their lives and seek transcendence to

— Michele Murphy, Celebrity Medium

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